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Introducing the Series III Models 6/2010


The Acme Series II models were introduced in 1999. In the ensuing years, we have identified enough small improvements to warrant the Introduction of a new Series III template.

The principle differences between the Series II and the Series III units include:


  • Improved Duratex acrylic finish

  • Improved enclosure bracing

  • Better handle placement

  • Improved user-friendly serviceability

The first Series III model is the Low-B 112 system. It is also the first available Acme system using other than 10” woofers.

The differences between the existing Series II models and their Series III counterparts  will be minimal, when they are introduced. The existing systems are not in need of significant improvement.

It is anticipated at this time that the first Series III B-1, B-2, and B-4 units will be supplied with fixed attenuation on the midrange and

tweeter. If there is enough popular demand, a very precise stepped system of attenuation will be made available at extra cost. 

We will be marketing the Series III models through a network of the best and most customer-friendly music stores that we can find, and phasing out the direct-sales business model. If a protected dealer is not available in your area, we will sell directly to you, as always, for the time being.

At this time we are considering the idea of offering rebates to customers who can help us locate dealers in their area.  


Dealer Inquiries: or call 303-783-8766.



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