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Steven’s musical journey began on Sunday, February 9, 1964, when The Beatles began their conquest of America on the Ed Sullivan show. The experience of seeing the Fab Four live on television made Steven’s eight-year-old head explode and left a tremendous impression, and Steven became obsessed to make music his life’s path.

Even though his first instrument technically was tambourine — after much cajoling and badgering his parents purchased his first guitar at the age of 13 — a Wards Airline bass. It wasn’t long before he was the bass player in his first band (called Steamboat Gothic) in the eighth grade and made his first money playing music with the same band in the ninth grade.

High school saw Steven step away from playing in a band, but it nonetheless proved very important to his musical development. He became a “choir geek” in high school, singing in large choirs, small ensembles, and even musicals (Guys and Dolls). These years gave him experience with sight-reading, harmony singing, and proper vocal technique. The work in small ensembles and musicals taught stage blocking and stage presence, and more. This path continued into his freshman year of college at the University of Northern Colorado, where an audition landed him in the school’s top choir.

That same year, the choir performed Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” with the Denver Symphony Orchestra at Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver and remains an exceptional highlight in his career. Other highlights include performing four times at the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, and also playing the equally famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

After transferring to the University of Colorado at Boulder in the fall of 1974 to study, Steven returned to his rock-n-roll roots. (There was a band during his time at CU that was gaining quite a buzz around Boulder. That band? FIREFALL). There he formed a band with a good friend from school, Dano Goforth, just to make beer money on the weekends, and the new band began working in bars and nightclubs in the Denver area. What started as beer money on the weekends quickly turned into a career during a very successful 18-year run in the band Windfield. He also traveled the world doing DOD tours of U.S. military installations with the band. Among the countries Steven performed for the troops in during these tours were South Korea, Okinawa, the Marshall Islands, Germany, Bahrain, Bermuda, Cuba, Panama, Honduras, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and the British Indian Ocean Territory Diego Garcia.

It was near the end of this time in the early 90s that Windfield opened a couple concerts for Firefall at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado . As a result of this pairing, Steven became friends with (then) FIREFALL bassist Bil Hopkins, and they kept in touch in the ensuing months. When Firefall began a search for a new singer in early 1993, Bil suggested that Jock Bartley consider hiring Steven.

Following a visit by Jock and Bil to hear Windfield live and a subsequent audition, Steven was hired to join Firefall in March of 1993, and played his first show with the band May 8, 1993. He remained in the band for the next 21 years until January of 2014.

During that time, FIREFALL experienced continued success, releasing albums Messenger (1995), Colorado to Liverpool (2007), and Reunion Live in 2009, and continued to tour the continental United States as well as tours of both France and Japan. They also appeared twice on “Music City Tonight” on the Nashville Network, and the band remained a popular concert draw, touring behind a wealth of radio-friendly ‘70s hits that continued to fill venues across the country.

Steven left Firefall in 2014 to pursue a print design job in the publishing industry. During that time he began performing with another band, an Eagles tribute called The Long Run, “Colorado’s Tribute to the Eagles.” During his time in the band The Long Run became highly successful, a run that continues for that band to this day.

But Firefall came calling once again and Steven made the decision to rejoin the band in 2021 and he remains to this day.

Some personal stuff?

Steven has a daughter, Taylor, who works in marketing in the medical industry but also sings.


He is happily single, still doing occasional freelance writing, editing, and design work.


He has many interests and as such has many arcane and useless facts stored inside his head (a band nickname for him is ‘Cliff,’ from the tv show Cheers). However, his two hobbies, which he is passionate about, are fly fishing and astrophotography.


Steven loves all sorts of ethnic food but hates, no, loathes, lima beans. Deeply. Passionately.


Blue is his favorite color.


Favorite bands and musicians include The Beatles (duh!), Steely Dan, Sting, Lyle Lovett, Billy Joel, Allison Kraus, Chris Thiele, and Tommy Emmanuel.

Whew! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

Steven would like to express his thanks for all the support all these years from all those fans who continue to come to the shows and make what FIREFALL does such a joy.

We couldn’t do it without you!

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