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Music and Songwriting Lessons with Wendy Clark

Are you interested in growing as a singer/songwriter?

Build your musical style into a brand. Your preferences become your musical identity!

Guitar playing fundamentals including:
  Fretting techniques
  Strumming patterns Learn song structures
  Stylistic elements and genre specialization - build a sound that fits a specific genre,
  learn the elements of that sound to to turn into your personal brand.
  Play chords, write chords, understand how to construct chords, and build chord

Songwriting including but not limited to: 
  Chord Progressions
  Lyric hints and hacks
  Rhythm and dynamics and tricks
  Playing live, studio recording, live recording, and setlist construction 

Play the songs you want to play!
  Learn from one of Denver's hardest working, gigging, original musicians with over two
  decades of experience playing, recording, and leading a band in the local music scene.
$40 per hour 
50% off the first lesson

Lessons at your house or mine

Please contact me today!  

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